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  • Tombstone temporarily transplanted in Alaska

    Laurel Downing Bill, Senior Voice Correspondent|Jan 1, 2014

    Many hardy gunslingers and prospectors who made Tombstone a household word in the late 1800s, landed in Alaska and the Yukon after the demise of the Arizona city. One of the most famous was Wyatt Earp. Earp arrived in the north during the height of the Alaska gold rush in Nome. But he didn't go there to mine for gold. He'd fled Arizona under indictment for murder after the notorious massacre of the Clantons at the OK Corral and the shooting of Frank Stillwell. A letter found in the basement of...

  • June Lockhart: 80 years as a paid performer

    Nick Thomas, Tinseltown Talks|Jan 1, 2014

    "Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson." When NASA honored June Lockhart last October, it would have been quite fitting to borrow the above lyrics from a popular Simon and Garfunkel song to salute the 88 year old actress. Best remembered by sci-fi fans for her role of TV space mom Maureen Robinson in the 60s series "Lost in Space," June told me recently that the NASA recognition was a highlight of her long career, which includes a Tony Award, an Emmy nomination and a couple of stars on the Hollywood...

  • Break these deadly money habits

    Teresa Ambord, Senior Wire|Jan 1, 2014

    If your money situation is a mess or, worse, you don’t know your money situation, here are some bad habits to break and some baby steps to get started. Head in the sand. Do you know where your finances stand? You don’t have to be a financial wizard, make charts and graphs, or read the Wall Street Journal every morning. But you do need to know your balances. If you have been ignoring your finances, bite the bullet and take a look. Then check your bank accounts every single day. Whether you look online or call the automated bank teller, you nee...

  • This short word signals who has the power

    Tait Trussell, Senior Wire|Jan 1, 2014

    People who are self-confident, who have power or status, tend to use the word “I” more frequently than those with less power or less sure of themselves. Right? Wrong. A study done at University of Texas at Austin found that people who often say “I” tend to be less powerful or sure of themselves than those who refrain from using “I.” James W. Pennebaker, chairman of the Psychology Department at the university, and his colleagues, have pioneered research on the vertical pronoun and its manifestations and uses. Your use of “I” says more about...

  • Gifting money? Tax info you need to know

    Jonathan J. David, Senior Wire|Jan 1, 2014

    Dear Jonathan: What is the annual gift tax exclusion amount for 2013? Jonathan Says: The annual gift tax exclusion amount, which is the amount a person can give to another without incurring a gift tax, is $14,000 for 2013. Dear Jonathan: What is the federal estate tax unified credit exclusion amount for 2013? Jonathan Says: The federal estate tax unified credit exclusion amount, which is the amount of a person’s estate which is exempt from federal estate taxes, is $5,250,000 for 2013. Dear Jonathan: I am in the fortunate position of having a r...

  • Tips on Wi-Fi passwords, folder icons, more

    Richard Sherman, Senior Wire|Jan 1, 2014

  • A slower pace in Molokai

    Dimitra Lavrakas, For Senior Voice|Jan 1, 2014

    On a map, we're kissing cousins, so it's a natural that Hawaii is Alaska's second home for a break from winter. And golden beaches crowded with Eddie Bauer bathing suits are proof of that. Where else can Alaskans slide off the white page of winter and into a world of color, light, warmth and the aroma of flowers only five hours out of Anchorage? It's like being born again. With our love of wild beauty and solitude, Molokai, "The Friendly Isle," is so familiar to Alaskans, but oh, so much...

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