Nourish your body like the temple it is

My gravity-affected holy temple gets weaker quicker these days. Like an old steel horseshoe, I’m oxidizing, rusting. Feeding my temple the best fuel that will give my cells the juice needed to sustain, repair and replace my holy temple infrastructure so it can perform for me when I ask it to is vital. Much like an aging family car, we become more affectionately attentive to the quality of oil, additives and rustproofing as parts begin wearing.

My wife and I have decided there’s no better time than the “now” to nourish ourselves the best we can with the freshest, local, organic fuel possible, hence, the best chance of remaining a bit longer on this side of the sod. We’re learning to enjoy today, because tomorrow’s not guaranteed. Neither of us can imagine how much older we’d feel if we hadn’t made the intention to eat clean protein and plant food, supplement with vitamins and nature’s herbs, and hit the gym. Took some doing, but we’re grateful to have stuck to it.

Nosiness prompted me recently to ask a septuagenarian where she got her protein.

“Meh, (shrug) I guess from peanut butter.” She had to think about it – unaware that quality, low-fat, clean animal or plant protein relates to quality aging. Livestrong supports that peanut butter is an incomplete protein and most brands contain added hydrogenated oils.

Calcium is important to protect bone health but seniors need to eat calcium-rich low-fat dairy or fortified almond milk products as well as a calcium supplement partnered with vitamin D-3. Please consult, however, with the local vitamin store expert.

As your temple ages, it struggles to absorb B-12. There are fortified cereals and “absorbable” sublingual supplements that will satisfy your B-12 requirements. B-12 helps your temple form cells, keeps your nervous system healthy and assists proper metabolizing of food. Not enough vitamin B-12 can affect nerve function, contributing to some types of anemia.

Authorities agree malnutrition due to low-grade Western nutrition, nutrient deficiencies, imbalances and the modern industrialized American diet is being seen in the elderly population, along with a variety of vitamin deficiencies. It’s nothing like scurvy, but milder malnutrition symptoms like loss of appetite, weight loss/gain, general malaise or lack of overall interest and wellness.

Common nutrient deficiencies of dietary origin include insufficient vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and magnesium, fiber, folic acid, probiotics, Omega-3 EFAs, Co-Q 10, and niacin. Malnourishment may also result from spousal or family member loss, lack of interest, eating alone, the money blues, and low-grade institution or hospital nutrition.

Nutrition clearly plays a role in the quality of senior life. If you don’t feel like cooking, just do the best you can and try to eat more garden-fresh produce or foraged from the many, many markets out there. Everyone should take a food-based multivitamin with minerals. Give your body – your most precious gift – the best chance to show what it can still do for you.

Just gotta change a couple of final-stretch perceptions – that’s all. Don’t die before you die. Life is such a precious gift. Let your light shine. Show yourself the divine love you are by eating vibrant fuel from the celestial apothecary. Visit a farmer’s market as often as possible. When you support your community, you support yourself. How cool is that?

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