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Are you restlessly awaiting your Medicare Summary Notice to arrive in your mailbox so you can verify that Medicare paid for a service or product? Are you anticipating the upcoming annual Open Enrollment Period for Part D and want to make sure that your prescription list is current? Have you lost your Medicare card and need to get a new one? Do you want to review what preventive services are available to you? How about getting an “On the Go Report” that summarizes your medical information for your providers? All of these services are offered to you for free at your personal, online account.

It is easy to set up your own private, confidential site within To set up the account, you will need your Medicare number located on your red, white and blue Medicare card. You will need to provide your mailing address ― be sure that it is your current address and the same address that Social Security has on file for you. You will supply your date of birth, and your effective date for Medicare Part A, which is also located on your Medicare card.

Go to and select the icon: “Log in/Create account”. To create the account you will need to establish a user name, password, and answer a “secret question”. There are about six secret questions to choose from. Be sure to write this access information down and store it in a safe place. You will need it each time you desire to access your account. Once you have the account set up, you will be able to conveniently manage your Medicare benefits.

When you sign in, you will automatically land on the “Home” tab. On this tab you will be able to see your current Medicare plans and coverage dates. You can check messages and choose or update your communication preferences. You can sign up to receive your Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs) and the annual “Medicare and You Handbook” via electronic delivery. You can designate if you prefer to receive your handbook in Spanish. You can choose to receive emails from Medicare as well. You are able to print a new Medicare card and/or order a new card. The site provides links to information about how to go about filing a complaint and how to get help paying Medicare costs.

The “My Claims” tab provides information about your Part B deductible status and your claims status information. Medicare will post your claim information within 24 hours of when Medicare processes the claim – no more waiting around for Medicare to send out a Medicare Summary Notice. And the information will be retained on your site for up to 36 months.

You are able to establish a list of the medications that you take and the pharmacies you prefer and be able to update that information at your convenience on the “My Plans and Coverage” tab. This is especially helpful during Part D Open Enrollment when you or your Medicare counselor are reviewing the Part D prescription plans for the upcoming year on the Plan Finder Tool. You can access that tool from this site.

Other health information you can store on this site includes your vital statistics such as height and weight, blood type, medical condition information, allergies, immunizations, your Part D plan information, emergency contacts, lab and test results, and information about implantable devices. From this information you can create an “On the Go Report” that can be printed and given to your health care providers. This would also be handy to carry with you when you travel.

Under the “My Providers and Services” tab, you can check your preventive services – these are services that Medicare pays for 100%. You will be able to see what preventive services are available to you at any given time. You can also keep a list of your preferred providers and services. There is a link that allows you to research what Medicare Part A & B cover and what they do not cover.

By clicking the “My Premiums” tab, you can review your premium amount, payment method, payment history and you can pay your premium by credit or debit card or via your checking or savings account.

The site offers a live chat feature that enables you to communicate with a representative for assistance. can be a great way to keep your Medicare information current, accessible, yet safe. If you would like assistance setting up your account, you can contact the Alaska Medicare Information Office at 1-800-478-6065 toll-free in Alaska or, for Anchorage residents, call 269-3680.

This is just the right time to establish this account so you are prepared for the Part D Open enrollment period from October 15 through December 7.

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Nila Morgan is a Certified Medicare Counselor who works at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center.